Pas Orza, Anglo Italian designer:

Grew up in Hertfordshire, influenced by the late 60's and early 70's but always in love with the Rock And Roll REVOLUTION of American 50's and in love with MARILYN as the Icon of that era.

Marilyn made jeans sexy and was the first woman to wear them in a feminine way.

In the early 70's Pas Orza was INSPIRED by the Great “Elio Fiorucci “ who made probably the first real UNISEX jeans and made them GLAMOROUS and Sexy for both Guys and Girls.

In 1977 Pas Orza Started as JUNIOR PARTNER with the mithical DESIGNER MUSICIAN “Peter Golding“ in his Studio Under the Unique and unforgettable  “ACE“ KINGS ROAD...Pas worked closely with Peter in looking at new Ideas to bring back the Peter Golding brand into the jeans market.


The most important VISION that came to Pas Orza was after he made the Unforgettable shiny LYCRA jeans Featured in GREASE worn by OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN.

From that Moment JEANS FOR WOMEN would never be the same.

Pas decided that in the future all jeans would be stretch or confort and would always have an element of elasticity, this was the  Prophecy.

In 1979 after the Lycra jeans he made the real first “STRETCH DENIM“ and immediately after “the first  TWO WAY“ stretch colour DRILL.

“The Prophecy“ was born.


Pas Orza made the first “STRETCH DENIM“ Jeans for women with  “Kaihara Denim Japan“ in 1979 and had Exclusive rights for One Year. In 1980 he was the crowned “THE KING OF STRETCH“ in LONDON by DRAPERS RECORD and HONG KONG APPAREL Magazines.

The rest is History since then more and more women have had the benefit of this great invention.

This was and is still today the biggest “JEANS REVOLUTION“ since Jeans were created.

Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee can claim to be the first Jeans in the world, but only one can claim to have made the: